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Multi Lock manufactures locks for wire mesh partitions that are used in Internet security cages, jails, prisons, holding pens, tool cribs and anywhere security is needed. 
View CBS Feature showing Multilock used in high security area.
Each lock can be manufactured with a single cylinder (front only, recessed knob in the back side), or double cylinders (front and back). 
This lock is made entirely of brass and aluminum and will not rust or corrode. Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed.
100 Series  (single or double cylinder front, recessed knob rear)
Prices shown are without cylinders add $30.00 per cylinder
# 103 - Industrial Slide Lock - Single Cylinder - $110.00 US each
# 104 - Industrial Hinge Lock - Single Cylinder - $110.00 US each
# 103DBL - Industrial Slide Lock - Double Cylinder - $160.00 US each
# 104DBL - Industrial Hinge Lock - Double Cylinder - $160.00 US each
400 Series 
Prices shown are without cylinders add $30.00 per cylinder
# 404ST - Straight handles with a Satin aluminum finish - $210.00 US each
# 120 - Standard 5 pin cylinder KD or KA - $30.00 US each
# 120D - Dummy cylinder - $20.00 US each
# 120KDMK - Master keyed cylinder - $35.00 US each
# 120TT - Thumbturn cylinder - $22.00 US each
# 108 - Mounting Plate (L-Shaped) - $42.00 US each
# 208 - Mounting Plate (C-Shaped) - $50.00 US each
# HB 0 - 1  Hinge Bolts - $30.00 US each (4 or XL=$ 46.00)
# LA 1- 2 Side Door Latch - $24.00 US each
There are a variety of handles available  for this versatile lock. 
Choose from Satin aluminum finished handles (ST), French curved lever handles (FR), the Polished Brass Ball Knob (KN) or the Solid Brass Chrysanthemum handle (CH). 
You can also order this lock without handles and with a double cylinder.(104DBL) or with a deadbolt on top and a simple passage knob at the bottom (504KN).
When ordering, ADVISE the size gate frame you are using and we can supply the right size bolt or you can elect to order the longest bolt and cut it on the job.

Prices are subject to change at anytime. All orders are shipped FOB from our factory in Oakland Park, Florida  via UPS. 
Freight charges are added to your invoice.  You will receive a UPS tracking number via emaIl on the date of shipment.
Returns must have prior permission and a Return Authorization (RA) number
and are subject to a 10% restocking charge. 
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